Dental X-Rays

What are Dental X-Rays?

Dental x-rays are an important part of your treatment and care. X-rays are useful before and during certain procedures, and they help us to identify changes and problems before they’re allowed to get worse. X-rays use a small amount of radiation, so they are safe and effective for patients of all ages. You will have x-rays taken at most of your dental appointments.

Why are Dental X-Rays needed?

Dental x-rays are needed because they help us identify problems below the surface, that would go unnoticed with a typical examination. X-rays may show abscesses, impacted teeth, and even hard-to-spot decay that can be treated as soon as it is found. X-rays are necessary at most of your dental appointments, since they are such an integral part of your care. They can be thought of as a preventative measure, as they are useful in spotting problems early on.

Dental X rays at Singla Dental in Duncanville,TX

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Jason Arora

What makes you a candidate for Dental X-Rays?

Everyone is a good candidate to have dental x-rays taken. These x-rays use such a minimal amount of radiation, that they are safe for patients of all ages, even children. We make the x-ray procedure comfortable and easy for you. You may need to have x-rays taken at most of your appointments, including checkup appointments, emergencies, and during certain procedures.

Dental X-Rays in Duncanville, TX

Here is what you can expect when dental X-Rays are taken at our office: You will come into the office, and be seated comfortably. Our staff member will then position a device inside of the mouth, and angle the x-ray machine in front of your mouth. The x-ray is taken and the image will immediately show on our computer screen. Our doctor will then use these images to check for decay and other intra-oral problems. Your x-rays are important in creating a specialized treatment plan, specific to your smile. They are safe, and easily done in our office at the majority of your dental appointments.

If you need to have x-rays taken, call our office today, and one of our staff members will be happy to schedule an appointment for you.

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