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What are Dentures?

Dentures are prosthetic appliances that are worn to replace missing teeth. Full dentures will help to replace an entire arch of missing dentition, whereas a partial denture only replaces several teeth with one prosthesis. Dentures can last for about five to seven years before it will be recommended to have them replaced. Dentures are made custom for each person wearing them, so they’re always natural-looking and realistic.

Why are Dentures needed?

Dentures are often needed if you’re missing most, or all, of your teeth. For patients with advanced gum disease, the remaining teeth may need to be removed before the dentures can be made and placed. Dentures are ideal in both improving oral function, as well as filling out the face, preventing a sunken-in appearance. They are ideal for patients of all ages, and are incredibly durable.

What are Dentures

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What makes you a good candidate for Dentures?

To determine if dentures are right for you, you’ll come into our office for an exam and consultation. Dentures are ideal for patients who are already missing all, or most, of their teeth. Prior to being fitted for a denture, you may need to have extractions done. You will be fitted with a temporary denture until your gums have healed from the surgical extractions.

What happens during the Denture procedure?

You will come into our office for impressions and a consult. The consult allows us to help in choosing the right type of denture for you, as well as the color that is right for you. The impressions are sent to a local lab where the new prosthesis is made custom to fit your mouth. You will come back into the office and have the appliance adjusted to fit perfectly. You may need several adjustments before the denture fits just right. It is important to remove your denture nightly, so that you remove bacteria, odors, and plaque.

If you would like to come in for dentures, or have questions about the procedure, we are here to take your call and help you schedule an appointment.

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