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Emergency Dentistry

No one wants to sit in an emergency room for hours with an excruciating toothache only to find out that not much can be done for the situation. Yet, this scenario is not unusual when dental patients go to a hospital emergency room expecting to have their dental emergency addressed. The truth is, hospital ERs are seldom equipped to adequately handle dental issues. Dr. Rupesh Singla is well qualified to handle your dental emergency and other general dental care needs.

When you are in dental pain, you want immediate relief and you would like to know what needs to be done to make sure the pain does not return. At Singla Dental, we have room in our schedule to handle dental emergencies. Instead of a cold, busy waiting room where you may have to sit for hours waiting to be seen, you will be greeted by our caring friendly staff. We will attend to your emergency as quickly as possible and do all we can to eliminate your pain and resolve the issue.

Some dental emergencies need to be addressed immediately such as trauma to a tooth, severe toothache pain or a broken or damaged dental appliance. When you are in such a stressful situation it is nice to know that you have a calm and relaxed atmosphere waiting for you. You will be treated with care and compassion while your emergency will be handled with expert skill and knowledge. Our job is to put you at ease while we address your problem and help you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Part of our commitment to your best oral health is providing our patients with excellent oral care in their time of need. When you have a dental emergency, whether it is a tooth that has been knocked out in a sporting accident or a denture that has broken the day before a big presentation, please contact Singla Dental right away and let us help you get on the road to recovery.

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