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Cracked Tooth Repair

Teeth are made from the hardest substance in the body; even harder than bone. Tons of pressure are exerted on your back teeth every time you chew something. Your teeth were designed to last your entire life span and under optimum circumstances they will. However, despite their perfect design and sturdy make up, things happen and teeth can crack or break. Many things can lead to a cracked tooth. Chewing hard substances, decay and trauma are some of the factors involved.

When a tooth becomes cracked or damaged, it is imperative that the situation be taken care of right away with general dentistry. The enamel of the tooth is compromised with breakage. This allows opportunity for bacteria to build up and cause decay. In a worst case scenario, a crack can extend to the nerve of the tooth creating significant damage that is painful. Not all damage is readily visible. Sometimes cracks occur on a side of the tooth that cannot be seen easily. In such a case you may experience symptoms, such as discomfort with hot or cold beverages, before noticing that you even have a problem. Biting down or release of pressure can also cause pain when a tooth is cracked. Some people will not have any discomfort until the nerve of the tooth is involved. Others will have immediate discomfort.

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